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So I'm easily amused


So she's getting ready to send out STDs, and she doesn't know how many people will be allowed to brings guests..

This is lame, but I couldn't help but laugh.

Wahhhh, I can't control my husband!!!


OK, seriously, this chick pisses me off. She knew she was allergic to ciggarette smoke and her husband had promised to quit but she still married him before he had.
Then when she gets called on trying to control her husband, she adds a whiney edit.
Maybe it's just me, but I get sick of spouses who think that the vows they take in a marriage ceremony automatically give them the right to control their spouse.
soooo. what do you guys think of fascist_twerp? (his marriedlife intro.) quick summary - he's married, they have an open marriage. he's also a sex addict.

he caused some drama in a locked marriedlife post with this comment:
"You seem to be upset with him and his old girlfriend. You need to tell him whether it is ok or not to be banging her. Because he will or has already.

And then he needs to respect your feelings."

but he doesn't appear to be a troll, his journal goes way back (and is quite secually explicit, whoa).

i don't know, his opinion is interesting, but he seems a bit harsh. at least it's entertaining?
There hasn't been much in this community, so I'd rather be lame than quiet...

This might be lame, but what's with all the backhanded I'm making a post that is related to a previous post, but in no way reflects on the poster who posted it crap lately?

I agree with sadienotsandy that said that this is a lame attempt to say, "OMGZ abuse is wrongz!" without having to name names.

for those who aren't members, here's the textCollapse )
hay guyz, remember me?!?!?!111!?!

y'all need to post more here, k?

Nov. 20th, 2006

daniramdin appears to be obsessed with getting engaged. Let's hope her BF doesn't find out and run screaming from her! Then we will get to see lots of posts about how to get over a broken heart. Or, if she is engaged, well, I can't wait for her to discover weddingplans or _marriedlife_.


I'm hoping she joins other communities to provide even more lulz.

nothing says stupidity like advertising an community identical to _marriedlife_ except they don't allow those "non-married" folks in it.