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i am a wonderful wife.


I am also part of the ana_moms, I post every 5 seconds, and criticize others for their lifestyle, and post in public about it.

I am a wonderful wife, yes I am. My husband is lucky to have me. I am better because my husband gets teh sex from my anorexic vagina, he also gets a warm meal and a clean house.

You all just wish you were like me, the perfect wife and all....

porn_debate exists, thanks.

Blah, blah, blah. I hate porn. I love porn. I don't care about porn.

No offence to the OP really (maybe just a little), but this debate is so goddamn tired.

And I won't even touch the rampant self-esteem issues running around in the comments.

my parents are so mean!!


How old is this girl 12? How can she not understand the rudeness of her husband's behaviour? I dont fucking get it... her husband is an idiot asshole and they are breeding. Why do stupid pepole breed?
hai guys i started this because other love snarking communities suck lol and by them i mean love_snark

this is not elitist so snark away.